Go from chaos to control

Implement a simple, proven system to end chaos and build the business and life you envisioned.

Has chaos become the norm?

Despite all you do to align your team, accomplish goals and grow your business, nothing changes.
You’ve tried different strategies, but you’re still left with incomplete projects, teammates who drop the ball
and the feeling you’ve somehow failed.
It shouldn’t be like this. Learn how you can take back control and enjoy your business again.

Build Leaders, Growth, and Profit

Gain control

Instill focus, discipline and accountability throughout your organization

Align your team

Get everyone in your organization
100% focused on the same goals

Love what you do

Enjoy coming to work every day because you have the time to pursue your vision

I’ve been there

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I got to observe, firsthand, the rigors of owning and running a business. When I launched my own business in my mid-twenties and achieved success, I dealt with chaos, I worked too much and eventually discovered that I was doing things all wrong. It was a mess, I was a mess, and I needed a better way.

That was when I learned a new way. My new company grew from being small and chaotic to being a national top-20 firm, in just a few short years. We created an exceptional culture simply because we committed to great people, accountability and discipline.

I help entrepreneurs get the growth they want, the profits they deserve and the life they envisioned

Michael Gruley, Founder
1 Vision Advisors, LLC
Professional EOS Implementer®

Build Leaders, Growth, and Profit


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Design & implement
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Live the life you envisioned

What clients are saying

“Mike Gruley is an extraordinary EOS implementer! He is consistent, timely, patient, but most importantly he is extremely knowledgeable about EOS. His style of teaching is to help the leadership team work through their questions while he observes and guides. The time that we spent working with him has been a game changer for the office and I would recommend him to anyone in need of moving from chaos to structure.”


Melena Cummings
CTA and Associates, LLC

“Mike’s enthusiasm for coaching and implementation of EOS is contagious. With his entrepreneurial experience and success, he not only helps you with his EOS tools, but he truly understands the challenges business owners and leadership teams face. I can tell you that the only regret you will have with Mike and EOS is not starting it sooner.”

Greg Giniel
President, Giniel Financial Group, Inc.

“Are you ready to feel in control of your life with a business that’s humming along better than ever or even imagined? The sooner you call Mike and engage 1 Vision Advisors, the sooner you can hang-up your Whack-a-Mole mallet, take control and begin growing your business (and spending time at home in peace). I did — best call I’ve made in my memory!”


Bob Heath
Owner, Heath Farms

“In the past, we worried about the chaos our continued growth was causing. Working with Mike and EOS® has helped us clarify our vision, and create a crystal clear roadmap for our entire company. We now have the framework and tools to not only manage our growth, but to increase it. We are in total control of our business now.”

Erion Venetiku
CEO, E-xteq, LLC

Less stress. More success.

You want a business you love. This requires a cohesive team and profitable growth. But how can that happen when people are disorganized, communicating poorly, and failing to get the right things done? Most days, it feels like you’re failing.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Define your vision, gain control, and grow your business. I work with passionate entrepreneurs to implement a system based on time-tested tools and principles, not the latest management fad.

● Define your culture
● Get everyone aligned
● Delete chaos
● Execute on your vision
● Reap the rewards of growth and profit

Does disruption flatline your business or just cause a blip?

They say when tragedy hits, bad companies fail, good companies survive and great companies improve.
When disruption happens to you, following four fundamental C’s will help you get back on track
and thriving again.

Download your free Guide, The Four C’s of Thriving Through Disruption.

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