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A Note from Mike:
How Vulnerability Will Transform Your Business

Here’s the takeaway: When an open and honest company culture gives employees permission to be vulnerable, people will thrive and the company will gain real traction.

When I look back at the early years of running my first business, I don’t think I had enough vulnerability. This is normal. For many entrepreneurs, vulnerability seems like weakness, right? Strong entrepreneurs are usually people who are “idea people.” They swim upstream. They’re used to hearing “no,”  ignoring it, and succeeding. They stay focused on what they believe in. Here’s the problem: That intense focus and drive to succeed can result in a company culture where vulnerability is seen as weakness and often punished.

Unfortunately, that type of company culture is more common than most people realize. There’s a reason that Brene Brown’s TedTalk on “The Power of Vulnerability” has been watched over 40 million times, making it the most popular TedTalk ever created. The talk is so popular because Brown strikes a chord with people who have never been told that vulnerability is not weakness. Actually, being vulnerable requires huge courage and strength, and companies that embrace an open and honest culture consistently outperform their competitors, but more importantly, they have teams that are more cohesive, functional, and happy in their work.

Here’s how to make your business open, honest, and vulnerable.


Entrepreneurship Digest: June 2019


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