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Meet Mike Gruley

EOS Implementer™
Founder, 1 Vision Advisors, LLC

Mike has been a lifelong entrepreneur. He grew up in an entrepreneurial family, heard all the stories at the family dinner table, and worked in the business through high school and college. He learned, first-hand, the rigors of owning and operating a successful business, and it lit a fire inside him at a young age.

After college, and still in his 20’s, he founded two businesses, the first was a 3-year mess, but the 2nd business grew from zero to $30 million in unit volume and became a National Top 25 company. After 20 years, he sold that business.

He later built a start-up division for another firm which, in 2.5 years, grew from zero to $50 million in unit volume and rose to 19th in the U.S. Over the past three decades, Mike has contributed to several businesses and organizations, both national and international, as an owner, board member, or advisor.

Mike first discovered EOS some years ago at a time when he was extremely frustrated with his business and wasn’t sure what to do next. In his search for a solution, he found the book Traction- Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman, and he embarked on a journey to forever change the way he ran his businesses.

After that experience, Mike found himself passionately sharing what he had learned about EOS with other business owners, friends, and colleagues who were struggling with the same frustrations and challenges he’d had.

It was then Mike discovered he had more passion for coaching and helping other entrepreneurs than he had for the industry he had been in for the previous 30 years.

Following his passion, Mike became a full-time, Professional EOS Implementer, so he could help other entrepreneurs get what they wanted from their businesses and live a better life.