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Written by Rene Boer



In a recent EOS® Quarterly Meeting, the leadership team was proud to report that they had completed each of the ten Rocks (key priorities) that they had committed to getting done. They had gotten close in previous quarters, always exceeding the goal of 80% completion but this was their first “100% quarter”.  In fact, I’ve conducted hundreds of sessions with leadership teams over the years and none has ever completed all their Rocks. So, I asked the Integrator and his team, “What did you do differently this quarter to complete all your Rocks?”

Here’s what they shared:

  1. We started early by identifying any obstacles that needed to be overcome and resources we needed to complete our Rocks
  2. We set high expectations by agreeing that ALL our Rocks needed to be completed
  3. We set benchmarks and reviewed them in our Level 10 Meetings to ensure that we were on track
  4. We worked as a team, communicating often, holding ourselves and each other accountable and helping each other stay on track

It’s important to note that this client began implementing EOS earlier this year.

A healthy and cohesive leadership team makes commitments carefully, accepts accountability and wins or loses together. And, winning becomes an all-the-time thing.

What is your attitude toward setting Rocks? Do you go into quarterly meetings well-prepared, thinking about the most important things that must be accomplished?  Have you thought about obstacles that must be overcome and the resources you’ll need? Do you start early so you’ll finish early? Are you being completely open and honest in your weekly Level 10 Meeting™️ about the progress you’re making on your rock? And, are you willing to call out a peer if you sense that they’re not really on-track?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then Rock On!

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