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Written by Randy Taussig



Great leadership involves the relentless pursuit of clarity. No assumptions. Just clarity around what needs attention as an organization evolves.

Part of the EOS Process™ is to introduce the power of the Clarity Break™ to each member of the leadership team. The concept is simple, yet may feel counter intuitive to the busy executive.

The key is to periodically set aside a time and place to just think (a key leadership trait). Find a place, allow your mind to slow down and get in touch with aspects of your business and life that need attention. Find a simple way to document your thoughts and discoveries.

Put Down Your Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet

No electronics! Please trust me on this one. I have experienced many client sessions where electronics are used to take notes. While intentions are pure, the electronics often proved to be an unnecessary distraction. Notes can simply be written down with pen on paper. You must apply the same logic to your Clarity Breaks.

My Favorite Clarity Break

As an avid private pilot, I often experience clarity while flying by myself (the above photo was taken during a recent flight from Knoxville to Sarasota). The normal pattern of flights usually include intensity on two ends (takeoffs and landings), with a typically calm/uneventful time in-between (as we reach cruising altitudes). It’s during the cruise phase of flight that I can take a mini clarity break- with the help of autopilot!

As We Build Clarity – We Build Confidence

Frankly, taking the time to step back, do nothing and allow “thinking” time is awkward and unnatural for most entrepreneurs. We’re programmed for action and accomplishment. Anything else feels like a waste of time. But it’s a discipline that’s embraced by the very best leaders.

You have the opportunity to bring focus to important aspects of your business… and for that matter, your life.

During this recent flight to Sarasota, I was able to gain clarity around a new client event that I have been planning for months. Yes, the autopilot was doing its job and I was able to quiet my mind. During time in the clouds (literally), I got clarity about the timing of this event and the real risk of distracting me from my core services (EOS® Sessions and 1-on-1 Coaching). I landed with more clarity and confidence than when I took off from Knoxville. Though not black or white, the time to “think” helped me more confidently halt plans to continue with the event.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

What are some things that may be hidden in the back compartments of your mind? They may need attention, but you may never know until you take the time for CLARITY.

Try it, you may like it!

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