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Written by Mike Gruley

July 15, 2019



Here’s the takeaway: Whether it’s people issues, lack of control, slow growth, or other issues that you just can’t seem to solve in your business or your life, just keep going. Success requires adversity and in some cases, zombies.

Many years ago, I learned a valuable lesson from my nine-year-old daughter.  

We were playing a video game, and the goal was to defeat the zombies and break through all the barriers to get to the treasure.

At one point, I (my video game character) was running through the maze. Confidently, I thought that I was really making progress. My daughter said to me, “Dad, you’re going the wrong way.” To which I replied: “No I’m not, how do you know anyways?”  She looked at me under raised eyebrows, with condescending pity, and said, “Dad,there are no zombies coming after you, and you haven’t run into any barriers –you are going the wrong way.”

I have never forgotten that moment.

If there is a vision you have, a dream you want to make reality, or a treasure you hope to capture, there will likely be zombies and barriers awaiting you. If challenge and sacrifice do not meet you head-on to prey upon you, and tempt you to turn back, maybe you aren’t on the right path.

When you see zombies and barriers, meet them head on, defeat them, break through, and be grateful that they were there to show you a path, and light the way to your treasure.

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