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By Tom Bouwer

Imagine you’re playing a sport but you can’t see the scoreboard. You don’t know the score and you don’t know how much time is left on the clock. You’re not sure if you’re winning or losing, and the frustrated coach tells you, “Just play harder.”

I know that sounds crazy, yet that is how a lot of companies operate. No one knows what the targets are or how they are doing in terms of achieving those targets—they don’t know if they are winning or losing. They are just working hard.

This results in wasted time, poor resource allocation, weak overall performance, and ultimately, terrible results. Just like playing that awkward sport above, the people in the company have no idea how they are doing and as a result, perform poorly – or at a minimum are frustrated, confused, unmotivated, and rudderless.


In contrast, imagine a workplace where everyone knows exactly how they are doing. Everyone’s key numbers are tracked weekly (or daily), so everyone has an absolute pulse on what’s being done. They know the score. Everyone has a number and consistently hits their targets. Everyone has a “measurable” – a number tied to their performance.

When EOS® is fully implemented in your company, each person should have a measurable or number for which they are accountable. Why should every employee have a number? Let’s look at eight reasons:

  1. Numbers cut through murky subjective communication between manager and employee.
  2. Numbers create accountability.
  3. Accountable people appreciate numbers.
  4. Numbers create clarity and commitment.
  5. Numbers create competition.
  6. Numbers produce results.
  7. Numbers create teamwork.
  8. Numbers solve problems faster.


Once everyone has a measurable, your employees will have clarity on what is expected of them and begin to see how everyone contributes to the overall results of the company. As one employee said, “Marketing is hard to measure. People always thought my area was just a waste of money. Now they can see what I accomplish and they value marketing.”

Many companies struggle with measurables because their employees don’t understand why they’re important and how they can help create clarity and drive results. The Traction Library book, What The Heck Is EOS?, is written for employees to help them understand what EOS is, and how it can positively impact them – including what the heck a measurable is!