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By Don Maranca

After a recent two-day Annual Planning meeting, Chris Martinez, the CEO of Central Electric said, “We always have an annual planning meeting, but this time was different. It was a dream come true, just as I had imagined it.”

He went on to explain, “The bonding of like-minded individuals on our leadership team that shares a common vision to help people reach their full potential is an amazing experience.”

Chris is referring to the experience of having a healthy and functional leadership team that is aligned with a common vision and executing towards that vision. We call this Vision, Traction®, Healthy in EOS®.


Chris felt that he was surrounded by team members that were 100% on the same page on the vision of the company.

It wasn’t just his vision but his entire team’s vision, so he no longer had to carry the weight alone. What was really exciting for Chris was that their Core Focus™ on their Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) of “To grow people through lasting relationships” came to light during the session.

“I am so proud to share that while we are a 45-year-old company, not one minute during the session was consumed talking about electrical work,” he said. “Rather, we focused on building career opportunities, increasing individual retirement accounts, profit sharing, growing people, and building relationships.” Their 2021 goals truly reflect their Core Focus.


Additionally, we celebrated the previous year on how they executed on their annual goals and quarterly Rocks, exceeding their revenue goal and growing 23% from the prior year.

“The bonding of like-minded individuals on our leadership team that shares a common vision to help people reach their full potential is an amazing experience.”


They were not perfect at the start, but they improved quarter after quarter in holding each other accountable with discipline to gain traction towards their vision. They were diligent during their weekly Level 10 Meetings™ in “IDSing”, or solving issues, for the greater good of the company. Because of that, they rated the entire company with an “A” performance in 2020, even amidst COVID and the uncertainty they experienced with remote work, illnesses, and managing emotions throughout the company. They truly felt they were advancing towards their vision.


This team has grown from a good leadership team to a great leadership team within a short period of time, utilizing the EOS Tools to invite open and honest conversations about what’s going to keep them from reaching their vision. They are committed to increasing their team trust so they can engage in healthy conflict for the greater good of the organization, driving towards better results. They admittedly said that they have more work to do for more vulnerability-based trust and everyone committed to one thing to move the needle on their trust score towards an even more healthy team.


As a Certified EOS Implementer®, I get the honor to work with great leaders like Chris who truly have a passion for helping others through the work they do. I’ll end with his quote he posted on social media about his EOS two-day Annual Planning session…

“We are excited about 2021. We thank our trusted partners — general contractors, owners, trade partners — but most importantly, our 100+ families. We hope you experience growth, prosperity and a healthy life in 2021! God bless America and God bless our team and here’s to creating meaningful lives!”