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By Mark O’Donnell

Technology has taken over our world.

Everywhere you look, people are looking down at their various devices. They are checking email, text messages, and social media on their smartphones, checking notifications, and health data on their smartwatch while taking notes on their tablets. During this flood of information overload, the ability to be present and focus on what’s going on around us completely disappears.

Technology addiction is pervasive throughout our society. Getting a notification on your phone brings on a dopamine hit just slightly less intense than a hit of cocaine. The habit is real and it exists in every leadership team I’ve worked with.

Being present to work “on” your business instead of “in” your business is a requirement to build a company with a great culture, one that is profitable, growing, and scalable. Your electronics are keeping you from being present. They are keeping you from working “on” your business.


The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is designed to manage human energy. We use paper, whiteboards, and have a rule of no electronics in our full-day sessions. The reason for that rule is that we want you to be 100% present and focused on your team to make plans, solve issues, and create a healthy team. Your results will be much better if you put your phone down.

Our full-day sessions might be the only time leadership teams are present with one another. They are disconnected and working “on” the business. They are present with their thoughts, reflecting on the previous 90 days, focusing on the future, and aligning the team.


The most typical expectation clients have when implementing EOS® is to “get refocused.” We slow down time by putting away the phones, tablets, and laptops, even in today’s environment of virtual meetings. Everyone is paying attention to one another and engaging. There are no Powerpoints, no clicky clack of typing, no texting under the table pretending to pay attention. We are all there together.

Managing human energy in your leadership team and in your business is hard enough without the distractions. To help get all that energy pointing in a single direction, leave all the electronics at the door.

Previously published on the Optimize For Growth blog