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Written by Mike Paton



Tool (noun): “An instrument…used in performing a task necessary in the practice of a vocation.”

For most people, that definition may evoke the image of a carpenter using a hammer, a quilter using a needle and thread, or an electrician using a pair of needle-nose pliers. All simple and practical tools are used by people with varying levels of skill and experience to build, or fix, or create something.

Gino Wickman created EOS® – and the EOS Toolbox™️ – to help people whose “vocation” happens to be “entrepreneur.” And he knew that to be successful, his toolbox – OUR Toolbox – would need to be full of things as simple and useful as a hammer or a shovel.

As practical as these tools are, I’m still surprised by how frequently otherwise talented leaders try to resolve issues and complete tasks without using the proper tool. So the next time you’re trying to resolve an issue in your business, remember that in a company running on EOS, “there’s a tool for that.”

Not sure someone on your team is a great fit? Grab a blank People Analyzer™️, and use it to determine whether they’re a Right Person in the Right Seat.

Struggling with what to do if they’re NOT the right fit? Prepare and deliver a great 5-5-5™️ (or Quarterly Conversation™️) so you can identify specific gaps and agree on an action plan to coach them up… or coach them out.

Feel like you’re flying blind or drowning in too much data? Create and begin using a weekly Scorecard full of leading indicators that give you an absolute pulse on your business.

Sales numbers off-track for the umpteenth week in a row? Use the EOS Model™ to pinpoint the root cause. Maybe there’s weakness in your…

  • Vision Component™️ – you’re selling to the wrong target market or you need to strengthen your 3 Uniques™️
  • Process Component™️ – you’re not generating leads and closing business the right and best way every time
  • People Component™️ your leader and/or salespeople are not right people in the right seats

I could go on, but you get the point. Stop trying to drive nails with a rock or open a bottle with your teeth! Whatever issues you’re facing have been resolved hundreds of thousands of times by other leaders. These tools were road-tested and selected because they’re simple (more like a hammer than a nail gun) and they just plain work.

So the instant an issue crops up, reach for the right tool. If you’re not sure which tool to use or how to use it, here are some resources that can help:

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