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Written by Mike Gruley


Here’s the takeaway: When some companies have problems, they try to fix those issues with DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions. Often, struggling organizations come across EOS® [the Entrepreneurial Operating System, as introduced in Gino Wickman’s influential, best-selling book, Traction] and they will try to self-implement the system. But, without hiring a Professional EOS Implementer™ who has been in their shoes before, self-implementers may struggle to achieve the enormous benefits EOS can offer.

Like any system for business operations, self-implementing EOS might save a few bucks by avoiding implementer fees. It’s true that everyone can read Traction and download the tools: “EOS is available to all businesses, either through a [trained] implementer, a freelance implementer, or to do-it-your-selfers,” writes Brian Martucci in a recent feature on EOS for Minnesota Business. “Determined, disciplined leaders can successfully self-implement EOS at their own companies. Many do.” EOS isn’t trying to hide anything: They openly offer self-implementation as an option. One of the neatest aspects of EOS is that they do freely share all the tools and information necessary to make the system work for your business. On this page, they even link directly to tools and tips for self-implementation, for those who prefer to do it on their own.

Here’s the catch, and it’s a big one: “Self-implementation is not recommended,” Martucci writes. “Every business owner I spoke with for this story advised against trying to save a few bucks by self-implementing.” Their unanimous advice: Find a seasoned business coach with strong references and extensive EOS implementation experience.”

There are no secrets about what EOS is or what it does. However, simple doesn’t mean easy: “No matter how simple the concepts and practical the tools, it’s very hard to change your own organization from the inside out. A Professional EOS Implementer is a fully trained EOS expert who will obsess about helping you and your team.” If you’ve decided to use EOS for your business, here’s the truth about what it means to hire an implementer.

1. No company is the same. Implementers are facilitators who help your organization find its own right answers and create successes in your own way. Your solutions will not be cookie-cutter. As an Implementer, it’s my job to listen to who you are and what you want. I do the listening, the nudging, and the questioning to help apply general concepts to your one-of-a-kind leadership team and business.

2. Experience matters. If you self-implement EOS, chances are good that you’ll spend extra time (therefore money) trying to understand the system so that you can implement it. Professionally trained EOS Implementers have already completed those steps and many have even lived through them. In my pre-implementer days, I experienced growing, failing, buying, and selling businesses. I’ve walked in your shoes and learned what it takes for EOS to really work. I understand how the real world affects rules and tools, and can walk you through those shifts. In my own businesses, EOS helped me make a plan, get structure, find clarity on where I was going and how I was going to get there, and I know how to make sure that it works.

3. Accountability means objectivity. To get real traction, you need the discipline and accountability to work the plan daily and never give up. Implementers won’t let you skip the hard stuff. Often, self-implementers fall into the trap of implementing the concepts they like and skipping the ones they don’t– which often, are the ones that they really need. I will be there to objectively ask the hard questions about what your business needs to do to change. I remove any blame, any stigma, any emotional clutter from your lap, and take it all on myself.

4. You need a cheerleader. One of my colleagues remembers her father telling her every night at the dinner table: “You are the only person who has your best interests in mind.” Generally, in business, this is true. Leadership teams are responsible for advocating for yourselves and being the ones in charge of looking out for the best interests of your business. With an EOS Implementer, though, you are adding a guaranteed teammate who will always objectively act according to the best interests of your organization. This doesn’t mean you’ll like hearing everything we have to say. It does mean that the goal will always be to help accomplish your organization’s goals in a timely and effective way.

At the end of the day, how you want to implement EOS is truly up to you and your team. If you’d like to talk more about getting started or finding an objective voice, reach out any time. Let’s get started!